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How Do I Do An Star Match / Astro Match / Horoscope Match Prediction?
  • To do an Astro Match Prediction we need to have your birth place, date and time of birth and that of the person you wish to match
    If you and your prospective partner have added your horoscope then you can do an instant match
What Is Star Match / Astro Match / Horoscope Match Prediction?
  • Star Match / Astro Match / Horoscope Match Prediction is a Horoscope Matching online software for prospective life partner match
    You can match your horoscope with anyone you choose to find out if you're compatible as a couple
    We are offering this service currently Malayalam Only
    Star Match / Astro Match / Horoscope Match Prediction has been developed by Astro division of Intimate Matrimony & Code Eleven Technologies Pvt. Limited Trivandrum
    Kerala Based Astro Matching Fields are used for all the calculations, as it is the most popular and widely used Star, Grahasthidi & Navamsaka Porutham in India
    The astrological calculations may differ in case a different Location is used
Intimate Matrimony Extras
How can I use Intimate Matrimony mobile App
  • This is the official application of Intimate Matrimony. You can access the Android app from Google playstore and can access iPhone app from Appstore. You can enjoy the new features of intimate mobile app b y downloading and registering as new use rfor those eho dont have an account in our database
My Intimate
Will I Be Charged For Availing Mobile Alert Service?
  • You can register for Mobile Alerts absolutely free
I Have A Mobile Phone. Can I Avail Of The Mobile Alerts Service?
  • Yes! You definitely can avail this service.Mobile alert is available only in India
I Am Not Receiving Daily Matching Selection By E-Mail And SMS. How Can I Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • You can choose to receive Daily Matching Selection by E-mail and SMS by clicking on the settings icon.In the settings page, click on the Alerts,Choose the type of Alerts and Notifications you would like to receive
    Sometimes daily Selections may go to Spam message area in your E-mail inbox.
    Please select that message and click on “Not Spam”
Who Can Get E-Mail And SMS Alerts?
  • SMS alerts are only for paid members.This service is available only in India
How To Manage E-Mail And SMS Alerts And Notifications?
  • Login to your Intimate account using your User Name and Password
    Click on settings icon
    Click Manage alerts and notifications link
    You can select the alerts you wish to receive and press save button
What is Mail Alert
  • There are two types of mail alerts from Intimate's Marriage Portal, E-mail and SMS alerts
    Following are the E-mail alerts

    Automated E-mail after successful registration
    Automated E-mail for forgot password
    Daily one matching profile E-mail to all members based on software selection
    Daily one matching profile E-mail to all members based on partner preference
    Daily one matching profile E-mail to all members based on other members partner preference
    Daily one matching profile E-mail to all members based on mutual matches
    Birthday greetings to Intimate member's birthday
    Membership expiry notification E-mail
    E-mail alert on view address
    E-mail alert on Express Interest
    E-mail alert on Send Message
    Custom E-mail for Intimate Admin/Staff
    Following are the SMS alerts

    Automated SMS  after successful registration
    Automated SMS  for forgot password
    Membership expiry notification SMS
    SMS alert on view address
    SMS alert on Express Interest
    SMS alert on Send Message
    Custom SMS for Intimate Admin/Staff
How Will I Get Alerts?
  • You will receive alerts from us through e-mail and SMS. If you wish to unsubscribe to any of the alerts, please deselect those alerts from Alerts in Settings menu
What Is A Intimate Matrimony Identity Stamp?
  • For all registered users as the first step towards generating the trust you have a free special feature called Intimate Matrimony Identity Stamp
    A Intimate Matrimony Identity Stamp is a copyright feature of Intimate Matrimony, which is a symbol of trust that proves that your details are genuine and attested
    The verification is done based on name, age, state of residence, education and occupation
    This service helps remove any concern you have about contacting a stranger since the details are authentic
    You can avoid embarrassing background checks when you already know the details are authentic
    Become more trustworthy and credible to prospects
    It is a free service and requires no documents
    You can add a Intimate Matrimony Identity Stamp to your profile by getting your personal details form attested by a gazetted officer
    Click here to add a Intimate Matrimony Identity Stamp to your profile.
Will My Contact Information Be Revealed To The Member I Have Expressed My Interest In?
  • No. Only an automated message expressing your interest will be sent to the member without revealing your contact information.
How Will I Know If A Member Has Accepted/Declined My Interest?
  • You will be notified via Email and SMS when a member accepts/declines your Express Interest.You can also login to your My Intimate account click on Messages menu,Interests tab to view the 'Interests Send/Received'
Is There A Limit On The Number Of Express Interest Messages I Can Send In A Day?
  • The number of Express Interest a user can send is based on the membership scheme.However, you can receive any number of 'Express Interest' messages sent to you by other members
What Is Express Interest?
  • 'Express Interest' is an exclusive feature that enables you to send automated messages to members absolutely FREE and let them know that you are interested in them.
New User Or Registration
Can I Register On Behalf Of Someone Else?
  • Yes, you can register on behalf of someone else
Can I Register For My Friend, Relative Or Sibling?
  • Yes! In fact we have a large number of profiles being registered by parents, siblings, relatives, etc
Can I Register Profiles For My Sibling And Myself With The Same Email ID?
  • No!, you can. In a single Email you cannot register multiple profiles.For each profile it is mandatory to have a unique email ID
Can I Fill A Single Form And Get Registered With All Of The Intimate Matrimony Outlets?
  • Yes, you can fill a single form and get registered in all of the Intimate Matrimony outlets.You can also search and contact profiles available across all Intimate Matrimony outlets
How To Subscribe To Paid Membership Schemes / Registration ?
  • Login with the 'User Name' and 'Password' which you received during free signup/registration
    Click on Upgrade Link on the Top Menu
    Available membership schemes will displayed
    Choose your membership scheme
    Click on view more link to see features in the scheme
    Click Make Payment button to subscribe membership scheme of your choice and press OK to make payment
    Provide Card Type, Card Number, Currency, Amount, Name of Card, Card Expiry Date and Card Security Code
    Press Pay Now button to process the payment
How To Signup/Register Free Of Cost ?
  • Go to www.intimatematrimony.com.Click on New User Signup link.Provide Name, Gender, Mobile, Email, Religion ,Caste and location of person intending to get married. Submit the page by acceting terms and conditions.Your profile will be created and a 'User Name' and Password is generated and send to your email ID provided during the registration process. Then you need to enter the credentials and login, change password for firt time login.A mobile number verification message will be send to the registered mobile number. You need to enter the OTP on logging in to the dashboard
How To Register Or New User Signup ?
  • Registering on intimatematrimony.com is simple.

    Go to www.intimatematrimony.com.You can choose to register as a free member.Basic information of the person intending to get married is entered during the registration.The user can enter all information at one go, or choose to add a few essential fields the first time, and come back and complete the profile later
Profile Creation / Modification
What Are Profile Settings?
  • To access Intimate Profile settings, login with your 'User Name' & 'Password'
    Click on Settings link on My Intimate page
    You can change password of your Intimate account
    Manage email alerts, mobile alerts
    You can Hide/Show your profile from/to other Intimate members
    You can Delete your profile
    (Once you deleted the profile, you will not be able to undelete, restore or reactivate your profile)
    In case you need to restore your profile
    Call Intimate Help Desk: Phone +91-484-2821919
    Reach Intimate Help Desk at : help@intimatematrimony.com
What Is Profile Status?
  • Your profile status can either be set as 'Active' or 'Deactivate'. By default, the profile status is 'Active'. Setting the profile status to 'Deactivate' makes your profile invisible to others. Also you wont be able to login and contact other profiles. Any member can change the status of profile.
    Login to your Intimate account using your Username and Password.
    Click on Hide Profile icon.
    Enter Hide Profile up to Date
    Click the Hide Profile button to Hide your profile from others
    Click the Un-Hide Profile button to Un-hide your profile
Is it possible to restore the deleted profile?
  • Is it possible to restore the deleted profile?
    You cannot undelete, restore or reactivate your profile once you deleted it.

    In case you need to restore your profile
    Call Intimate Help Desk: Phone +91-484-2821919
    Reach Intimate Help Desk at :help@intimatematrimonials.com
How To Delete My Intimate Profile?
  • Login to your Intimate account using your Username and Password.
    Click on Settings menu-->click Delete tab.
    Choose any option from the given list and click delete
How To Add Photographs To My Intimate Profile?
  • You should have an account with Intimate to add photographs to your profile.
    To add photographs to your Intimate profile follow the step by step instructions mentioned below.
    Ensure your photographs are available in your computer in any of the formats (Eg: JPEG, PNG)
    Login to your Intimate account using your User Name and Password.
    Click on the Add Photo icon.
    In the Upload Photo page, click Add More Photos button.
    Click Browse button to select your photo and click Upload Photo.
    You can select multiple photoes
    Crop your photo using cropping tool to show the image appropriately.
How To Crop The Picture?
  • Upload your photograph.Click on menu icon in photograph.Use the crop option to crop down your photo.
    Drag/Move the crop tool and focus the rectangle to highlight your face within the square as much as you wish.
    You can expand crop tool area by clicking on the corners of the rectangle and holding the left mouse button drag the mouse to expand selection area
    Press Crop & Save button
What Is Photograph Validation Process?
  • Every photograph posted on our website involves a manual screening
    Intimate staff will screen every photograph and has authority to Approve/Disapprove/Delete
    Photographs will be available to all members only after passing validation check
    The turnaround time for photograph validation is 24 hours.
How Do I Protect My Photographs?
  • This is an exclusive feature available for our members.
    You can protect your photographs with a Password from the manage photo page ,click on menu icon on the image that need protection, click Set password.Only those members with whom you share your Password can view your photograph
    Note: If you forget your Password, you can contact our customer care team and they will assist you further!
How To Delete Photos?
  • Login to your Intimate account using your User Name and Password.Click on the Manage Photomenu item.In images listing page, you can see the menu option on each images, click remove image
What Is Request Photo?
  • This feature helps you to send a request to an Intimate member to add his/her photo if he/she has not added one.
Search Profile
What Is Combination Search?
  • Combination search allows to find profiles using following combination
    Name of Bride/Groom
    Name of Father/Mother
    Age/Email/Mobile/Land line number
    Location/Job Category/Education
    Example: Name = 'Roshan' and Location = 'Ernakulam' and Job Category = 'Software Engineer'
What Is Advanced Search?
  • Advanced search enables Intimate portal users to narrow down search results as per their preference. This is a detailed search and will give you better results. Following are various criterion's available in advanced search.
    Search for Bride/Groom
    Between an Age Range
    Religion and Caste
    Marital Status
    Mother Tongue
    Education & Job
    Location (Country/State/District)
    Physical and Life Style parameters
    Horoscope parameters
    Family Values and Financial Status
What Is Keyword Search?
  • This search will get results based on keywords found in the profile description of members
    Example: Software Engineer, Brahmin Iyer, Loves pets, Cricket...
Can I Save My Search Criteria So That I Don't Have To Set It Every Time?
  • Yes! You can save up to 3 previous search that can be used later
    You can edit the saved search criteria
What Is Caste Integration ?
  • As per tradition of Kerala some caste has different names in different Geographical Location
    For example “Ezhava” in South Kerala is referred “Thiyaa” in Northern Parts of Kerala.
    Similarly Menon, Nambair, Nair are of same Ancestral Origin.
    Such caste are integrated for getting more selections to the Intimate members.
What Is Featured Profiles?
  • Featured Profile is displayed in the Home Page of Intimatematrimony.com
    Featured Profile Get Maximum Priority in Search Listing
    It’s a paid facility for Premium & Platinum Member for a short Period mentioned on the time of activation
I Get The Message"No Matching Records Found" While Searching For The Profiles. Why Is That
  • This means the search criteria entered did not return any matching records from Intimate database.Please check your search criteria when you receive this message
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